December 16, 2015

Window Blind Ideas

While we specialize in Crested Butte Blinds we also service the entire Gunnison County.  Below are many of the window shade and window blind ideas that we sell. In fact, we would like you to browse all the different blinds and shades available. However there just isn’t enough bandwidth to do that here!  So if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please remember we have many products to choose from. All of our blinds and shades are affordably priced. Schedule a FREE Consultation to see all we have to offer!

Window Blind Ideas

First of all, our window treatments start with great design; sheers, shades, blinds and shutters; to help you achieve exactly the degree of privacy you want. Light is a major consideration; it alters moods, affects colors and changes the entire feeling of a room. Whether you prefer low light calm, full sun brilliance, or a combination, defining your light needs is key. We offer a wide array of materials and colors, in a range of opacities from sheer to opaque that offer varying degrees of privacy and light control. Our products also offer ultraviolet (UV) protection to help counter the harmful effects of sunlight that can cause fading and damage to a room’s furnishings and décor.

Window treatments also provide varying levels of window insulation, offering increased protection against heat loss during the winter, while helping to keep it cooler during the summer resulting in lower energy consumption and increased savings on heating and cooling costs.

Child Safety

With child safety in mind, we offer many different lifting systems from cordless manual to motorized lifting options for enhanced child and pet safety.

Unusual Window Blind Ideas

Think you have a hard-to-fit window? Think again. From arches, to circular, to angles, we have window blind ideas to complement any window shape.

In conclusion, with light control, energy efficiency, and many lifting systems we can enhance the beauty of every room, every day.